Beginning fertility treatment is a powerful decision, and this first visit at a fertility clinic is an important moment. As you move through the process, remember that you are an equal partner and participant in your treatment and you have the right to be informed and knowledgeable about every phase and stage. Arriving to your initial consultation prepared will give you a great head start and allow you to begin your journey with confidence.


Making your first step into fertility treatment can be equally exciting and stressful. So much hope centers on this decision, and many patients arrive at their initial appointment with years of questions and anxiety built up behind them. Lastly, no one expects to be calling an infertility practice when starting a family or having additional children. We completely understand and are here to answers your questions. Your initial new patient consultation with us is an opportunity to start looking for some answers.


It’s important you know that your Fertility Provider is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. Completing a REI Fellowship is not the same as being Board Certified REI.


What to send in advance of your appointment: Here is a checklist for you:
Your New Patient Forms need to be completed within 3 days of making your appointment. It is important you return the forms back to us within the timeline to ensure your appointment time is reserved for you. Please also include a photo of the front and back of your Insurance Card so we can begin to look into your insurance benefits and share with coverage as it relates to specialty co-pays, diagnostic testing and potentially any infertility benefits.


We require copies of Medical Records. Every piece of background information that you supply could be a vital piece of the puzzle, so having access to your up-to-date medical records is important. You can streamline this process by authorizing and arranging for each office to fax your records to the fertility clinic ahead of your visit so that we can review your history more thoroughly.


o Your Primary Care physician
o Your OBGYN or other sub specialists
o Any previous fertility evaluations or treatments (diagnostic testing, cycle stims, labs, consents etc)


Start preparing a list of questions that you want to ask.


We have your success in mind: We have an active Laboratory on our premises. Our environment is a fragrance free zone. Kindly refrain from wearing fragrant body lotions or perfumes while in our facilities. We can share more in a future post about the affect of Endocrine Distruptors….. more helpful info to come.