If you think about the path you take to get things done.

Do you zig-zag? Or do you become so laser-focused you plow through at high-speed velocity no matter what?

I have found that when people head directly toward their goal without zigzagging, one of three things will occur:

  1. They never do it. There are lots of people who talk about their dream, but before they’ve taken their first step, second-guessing sets in and they become frozen. They don’t dare take the risk needed to progress toward their dream goal. It is like subconsciously they realize there is a chance they may fail, so why risk it and even start.
  2. The second group of people races toward their goal full speed ahead, and when they get halfway there, they run out of resources and fail.
  3. The third group runs straight toward their goal, but by the time they get there, the target has either been altered or completely moved. The great idea is now a lost opportunity.

To reach your goal:
  • You need consistency
  • You need to expect to fail as this is how you will learn to improve to consider altering the path to get to your goal
  • You must ask for help and consider the environment around you as it will impact your progress?

Naysayers are everywhere. This has never been truer today for women succeeding in once perceived male-dominated industries and roles.

Often smaller steps toward your goal help to give clarity and refine the process to the overall bigger goal.

Mentorship is essential and in my life, I have been blessed to have exemplary mentorship herald my inner voice when I was second-guessing my abilities.