1. What is your goal?
Is it to freeze now for later? If so, you need to understand the data to get you to your goal.


2. Successful treatment is about DATA. The diagnostic testing prior is necessary to getting is important in telling us if you are average, above average or critically low. This will help you understand your best chance of success to conceive and go on to a live birth.


3. Delayed Gratification:
The process is expensive and incredibly detailed. We try and control the cycle cost but we cannot control the cost of medications. So patients need to be prepared that there is a resource allocation and so some will not be able to take vacations and some projects will be put on hold. Egg freezing is something I am exceptionally passionate about as I want to educate women that freezing now is a productive conversation.


4. Managing Expectations: It is an up and down process. Don’t compare your cycle to your friend, sis or colleague. The plan we prepare for you is unique to you and has been designed for your health considerations. There are days when things are moving along and follicles are growing but then we find a large non-functioning cyst or your endometrial lining does not grow and thicken in the pattern necessary for a successful transfer. Or …..you need more meds which means more resources. It is not a linear process.


5. Know your Doctor: Find a Doctor who is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. Being Fellowship trained is not the same.
Being BC’d REI means your Fertility Physician has successfully sat both oral and written board exams for not only OBGYN but a second Board Certification for REI.