IVF Phoenix is taking part in a nationwide study of pregnant women and their babies during the COVID-19 pandemic.⁣

What is the study and are you eligible?⁣

ASPIRE is focused on the first trimester of pregnancy, which is the most critical and vulnerable time when the fetal organ systems form and the placenta establishes its connection between the mother and child.⁣

This study will help us understand the implications of COVID-19 exposure during pregnancy and how we can promote the health and safety of pregnant women and their babies.⁣

What are the requirements to join the study?⁣

You must be between 4-10 weeks along in your pregnancy.⁣
You will need to submit frequent symptom tracking reports using your mobile phone or computer.⁣
You will need to give finger-stick blood samples from home at several points throughout your pregnancy.⁣
You will need to give permission to review medical records related to your pregnancy, delivery and baby’s development.⁣
Finally, you will need to complete questionnaires online about your health during your pregnancy and after delivery.⁣

If you are interested, you may register at ASPIRE.ucsf.edu or contact us for questions.