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IVF Phoenix is more than just a fertility clinic. We are a team of specialists dedicated to helping you realize your dreams of family. We have been helping people throughout the Phoenix, AZ area, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and beyond, with infertility and reproductive challenges for more than 20 years. Our Assisted Reproduction Techniques have met with great success and put smiles on the faces of many families.

If you have been searching for a fertility clinic in Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, or the nearby areas, rest assured that the care and personal attention you will get at IVF Phoenix is second to none. Dr. John Couvaras is not only a board-certified Ob/Gyn but also a Reproductive Endocrinologist ranked in the top 10% in the U.S. He and his team of fertility specialists will take the time to assess your unique situation and circumstances, and plan a course of action just for you that will maximize the chance of success.

We would love to speak with you and see how we can help. If you are ready to put your infertility challenges behind you, and have a baby, call IVF Phoenix today. We proudly serve Peoria, Gilbert, Glendale, and the entire Phoenix, AZ area.

Dr John Couvaras interviews with The Rush’s Host Fiona Forbes to talk about the latest advances in fertility

Part 1

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Part 2

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Ovarian Reserve Testing, advancing maternal age and low AMH. What if you aren’t ready for a Donor Egg?

Hashimoto’s disease and Reproduction: Is there a link?

Breast cancer survivor has twins

A Phoenix mother gives birth to twins after being diagnosed and overcoming breast cancer. Doctors told her, there was a slim to none chance she would ever conceive. Dr. John Couvaras of IVF Phoenix not only was the first to comment on her immune system but made her dream of being a mother reality. She has her own children without donor egg.



A simple blood test is the latest industry darling giving new meaning the “Egg Timer”

Scottsdale, Arizona – Some say that 40 is the new 30. But reproductively, 40 is still 40.  Today,  women  are  not  only  multi-taskers  but  high  achievers  and  clearly motherhood should be rescheduled for when they choose not for when they must.

Most recently, Anti-Mullerian Hormone [AMH] has become the ovarian reserve test darling. A woman’s ovarian reserve is the amount of available good quality eggs available in her ovaries. Women with an AMH of less that 2.0 need a call to action to either contemplate conceiving today or opting for egg freezing to increase her odds of being able to conceive later in life.

Medical Director Dr. John Couvaras of IVF Phoenix points out women in their 30’s are delaying motherhood for various reasons yet are not mindful that they can preserve the option to secure motherhood in the future. This population of women can choose to freeze their eggs now for later. “The AMH blood test can give women a piece of mind, and put them on a fast track to planning a pregnancy or freezing their eggs.”

This test is not cycle specific and correlates with numbers of eggs obtained at IVF retrieval.  Less mature eggs means less embryos and thus associates with a poorer outcome.  As women age, the AMH will decline and the association with AMH and age is taking hold.  Lower AMH is being considered a marker of poorer quality eggs, but this may not be the most accurate interpretation.

Maternal age is considered the best predictor of successful reproductive outcome in woman.  By age 35, reproductive success cuts by half, and then by a half again by age 39.  By age 40, the chance of having a baby with IVF is 20% and drops precipitously to 5% by age 43-44. It was for these concerns that the Guild sought to come up with tests with predictive value for live birth.


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Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. John Couvaras featured on THE RUSH – Shaw TV

IVF Phoenix’s own Dr. John Couvaras recently visited THE RUSH, on Shaw TV, to shed some light on the issues of fertility.

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Segment date: Jan 25th 2013

Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. John Couvaras is a guest on Shaw TV’s Studio 4

Listen to Dr. John Couvaras as he explains the importance of considering Fertility Preservation for women. He gives options to women to not have biology dictate their reproductive choice. He also explains how Intended Parents can work with IVF Phoenix to choose an egg donor.

Dr. John Couvaras on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer Part 1 of 2

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Dr. John Couvaras on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer Part 2 of 2

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Dr. John Couvaras on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer

Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. John Couvaras is a guest on Shaw TV’s Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer and discusses his recent discoveries on infertility and offers a possible natural solution to the rising health issue.

Part 1 of 2

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Part 2 of 2

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The American Society of Reproductive Medicine re-tweeted for IVF Phoenix

American Society of Reproductive Medicine re-tweeted for IVF Phoenix

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine re-tweeted for IVF Phoenix when talking about helping our patients treat the underlying reason why they have failed IVF (when they have come to us from other centers after failed IVF).


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